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Sincerity is the new irony

I'm still the spirit of rock'n'roll, though

Evil Kareneen
3 February 1979
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Friending: I have a tendency to go through and just friend people who I find interesting, or whose fic I like. I have no expectation of being friended back, and if I am friended back, I have no expectation that my journal will actually be read. Since I keep a friends only journal, I will friend back anyone who asks, and I won't have a problem if someone defriends me once they find out I'm not nearly as interesting as they were hoping.

2/2002-- Bio... um, I'm 23, I live in Chicago, I'm happily married over a year to Jed, I work at a vet's office. I have the misfortune of being a cat geek in a computer geek world. Oh, yeah I'm a goff. I dunno, can I add stuff later?

We have two cats, Otto and Misa. Otto is a Manx with chronic health problems, and Misa is a blue-cream British Shorthair that I'm considering showing.

8/2002-- We also have a bulldog puppy named Olga. She's disgustingly cute. I can't get from my car to the parking meter without sixteen people wanting to pick her up.
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2/2003-- Well, now I live in England, I don't work anywhere, we've still got the pets, and I've decided to take up Mah Jong because that's what expat wives do. 'Nuff said.

2/2004-- We're back in the sweet, sweet embrace of Chicago. Thank fucking god.

3/2005-- Nothing much has happened in the last year, but I figured I should update this thing anyway.

6/2007-- Christ, it's been two years? Okay, um, I'm in school now, trying to get my history degree and certification to teach high school. It's going well but slowly. I've gone friends only so that in a few years, when I go out to get a job, the google-cache will be cleared of any truly identifying information. I think I'm more likely to get hired if my on-line life stays private (see below). title or description

8/2007-- Yeah. We no longer have a dog. She passed away in July. Five years. I've had this stupid journal longer than I had her. She was the best dog ever, and I miss her horribly.

1/2008-- We have a new dog now. Her name is Esme, she's another bulldog, and she's deaf. She's AWESOME. We still miss Olga, but Esme's pretty great and we love her a lot.

6/2008-- I kind of had a nervous breakdown this semester, so that sucked, but on the other hand, bandom has consumed my journal with its gaping, tender maw, so that kind of evens things out.

9/2008-- Haha, so the whole "happily married" thing didn't work out. I'm separated, no longer in school (although I do plan to finish at a snail's pace), no longer have a dog (she went to rescue) and working at [redacted] a well-known women's health care provider.